Welsh, or Cymraeg, is a Celtic language primarily spoken in Wales, a country which is a part of the United Kingdom. The language itself is spoken by less than 1 million people and so online resources tend to be more scarce. However, like some other minority languages, there has been somewhat of a rejuvenation in interest amongst the adult population for learning Welsh. If you are looking for a language off the beaten path than Welsh could be the language for you.

Online Resources

Duolingo is a popular language learning platform and they offer Welsh. Check out the review here.

BBC Learn Welsh has many resources for language learning, including for Welsh.

Welsh for Adults is the website for the North Wales Centre. Information on learning Welsh in-person and online.

Learn Welsh is a video series for learning Welsh

This Welsh Government website talks about the Welsh language and learning opportunities.

Croeso: Beginners' Welsh is an online course offered by Open University

Online News

BBC Cymru

Top Products

Colloquial Welsh
The Colloquial series by Routledge covers dozens of languages, including Welsh. The most recent version includes many exercises, answer keys, bilingual glossary, and online audio materials.

Speak Welsh with Confidence with Three Audio CDs: A Teach Yourself Guide
Course offered by the Teach Yourself company, which offers resources for many languages

Learn Welsh Now: A Beginner's Guide to Welsh
This is a popular resource but is only available on the Kindle

Hands Free Welsh
Meant for people who want to learn on the go. It includes one booklet and two audio discs.

Where Can I Study It?

Cardiff University offers a BA in Welsh

Swansea University offers a BA in Cymraeg (Welsh)

Bangor University has multiple programs incorporating the Welsh language

Famous Welsh

Catherine Zeta-Jones
Yes, Zeta-Jones is Welsh. Her major breakthrough role in The Mask of Zorro shot her to the top and since then that is where she has stayed.

Michael Sheen
Theater, films, and series. Sheen does it all and does it well. The Damned United and Underworld are a few of the films where he plays major roles.

Charlotte Church
Singer, songwriter, actress, etc.

Roald Dahl
Responsible for writing The BFG, Charlie and Chocolate Factory, and James and the Giant Peach.

Tom Jones
He has sold over 100 million records, so you must have heard of him. Does "Its Not Unusual" ring any bells?

Cultural Products

A History of Wales
This popular book is great for anyone interested in the history of Wales

A Taste of Wales
This cookbook has over 100 photographs and 30 authentic Welsh recipes

The Story of Wales
A 3 DVD set on the history of Wales that comes just short of 6 hours