With around 90 million native speakers Turkish may be one of the largest languages you've never thought about. Turkish is a part of the Turkic language family and was historically very influential because of its use as the administrative language of the former Ottoman Empire. Just like English, Turkish has no gender and no cases. However, Turkish has widespread use of both agglutination and vowel harmony, which will be foreign to native English speakers. Additionally, Turkish uses a modified form of the Latin alphabet and not scripts related to Naskh, as seen in Turkey's regional neighbors. Considering the geographical importance of Turkey between Europe and the greater Middle East it is likely that Turkey and the Turkish speaking people will only grow in importance on the global stage.

Online Resources

FSI Turkish is a course offered by the Foreign Service Institute

Duolingo is a popular language learning platform and they offer Turkish. Check out the review here.

Turkish Class is a website with many lessons and also vocabulary lists.

Turkish Basics has many lists and lessons about verbs, grammar, vocabulary, etc.

Turkish Tea Time offers both paid and free resources for learning Turkish

Hands on Turkish offers a free course on Turkish which provides a certificate after completion.

Online News

BBC Turkish

Top Products

Pimsleur Turkish Conversational Course
Pimsleur is an all audio program for language learning. The Turkish Conversational course has 16 lessons, each 30 minutes long, for a total of 8 hours. If you like the method you can graduate and buy the full version, which is significantly more expensive.

The Delights of Learning Turkish
This book is for self-learners of Turkish and is designed to take the user to the intermediate level. Includes vocabulary, some grammar, colloquial and formal speech, answer keys to the exercises, and a dual language glossary.

The Turkish Language Explained for English Speakers
This book is meant to clarify some of the challenges that learners of Turkish will come across as they learn the language. It puts an emphasis on grammar but this book is a good tool for all learners of Turkish regardless of level.

201 Turkish Verbs
This book fully conjugates 201 important Turkish verbs in all their tenses.

Elementary Turkish
Although this book is now over 20 years old it still acts a reliable source for learning Turkish. It includes 23 lessons, many exercises, and a one way Turkish-English glossary.

Where Can I Study It?

McGill University offers a Minor in Turkish

Duke University offers a Minor in Turkish Culture and Language

Portland State University offers a Certificate in Contemporary Turkish Studies

VARIOUS - Click the link to go to a website with a massive list of US institutions offering courses in Turkish.

Famous Speakers

Recep Tayyip Erdogan
12th and current President of Turkey

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
First President and founder of Turkey

Mehmed II
Mehmed II conquered Constantinople (Istanbul) from the Christians in 1453. The Christians never got it back.

Cultural Products

Culture Smart - Turkey
In Turkey, the influence of East and West converge in one place and these influences have impacted Turkey in many different ways. This text attempts to help the traveler make sure that they act appropriately during their time in Turkey so as to gain respect and not offend their hosts.

Sultan's Kitchen: A Turkish Cookbook
125 recipes of Turkish cuisine for those who have a taste for Mediterranean style food. Includes sections on meat, seafood, salads, pilafs, appetizers, desserts, soups, and even bread.

Crescent and Star: Turkey Between Two Worlds
Geographically and historically, Turkey has stood as a bridge between the Eastern and Western world. This book discusses some of the changes that have happened in Turkey as the country struggles between its Ottoman past and a more liberal and democratic society.

Istanbul: Memories and the City
Author Orhan Pamuk reflects on his city of birth and residence, Istanbul, in this 400 page personal narrative.