Serbo-Croation is a Slavic language which is spoken natively by about 20 million people, primary in the former Republic of Yugoslavia (which includes modern day Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia). Learners of Serbo-Croatian will be faced with learning three genders but also seven cases. Additionally, even youngers generations of people from this part of the world know both the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, as this language family can be written in both. The region where this language is spoken is chalked full of both ancient and modern history and anyone who wants to travel in this area would do well to learn a little Serbo-Croatian.

Online Resources

FSI Serbo-Croat is a course offered by the Foreign Service Institute

Learn Serbian Language is a short video series on the Serbian language (12 lessons)

Serbian Lesson has many exercises and lessons for Serbian

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Where Can I Study It?

University of California - Berkeley offers a Minor in Slavic Languages and Literatures with emphasis in Bosnian/Croation/Serbian

Columbia University offers a BA in Slavic Studies with Serbo-Croat language courses

University of Washington offers a BA in Slavic Languages and Literatures with Serbo-Croat language courses

Famous Speakers

Nikola Tesla

Famous for his work with electricity.

Gavrilo Princip
Princip assassinated Franz Ferdinand, which eventually led to the breakout of World War One.

Novak Djokovic
Famous Serbian tennis player. Already considered one of the greats in the sport.

Slobodan Milosevic
Former President of Serbia who played a central role in the Balkans War.

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