Portuguese is the less well known and somewhat underappreciated language within the Romance family. Like its Iberian cousin Spanish, Portuguese was initially spread through exploration and colonialization in the Americas, Africa, and even Asia. Today, Portuguese holds official status in 9 countries, making it the 5th most widely spoken language in the world, ahead of Italian, German, and Russian. With an estimated 215 million native speakers Portuguese stands on its own as a world language. With its distinct nasal sounds Portuguese challenges the learner in ways the other Romance languages do not. However, Portuguese is considered to take the same amount of time to learn as Spanish, Italian, or French.

Free PDF Downloads

Portuguese/English Cognate Verbs
Over 100 verbs which are extremely close to English. Learn them!

Online Resources

FSI Portuguese is a course offered by the Foreign Service Institute

Duolingo is a popular language learning platform and they offer Portuguese. Check out the review here.

Street Smart Brazil is a videos series for Brazilian Portuguese and includes lots of information that you probably wouldn't find in a traditional workbook.

Learning Portuguese was a created by a gentleman following his adventures in the Portuguese language. There are many lessons available for free. He also has links to free online and also paid resources.

Learn Portuguese Now has many lessons with audio on different subjects. It is based on Brazilian Portuguese.

Conjuga-me is a website which allows users to conjugate Portuguese verbs.

Online News

BBC Brasil

Correio da Manha

Language Products

Living Language Portuguese
This book and audio program has 3 workbooks and 9 audio CDs which getting progressively more challenging. Highly recommended.

Pimsleur Brazilian Portuguese Conversational Course
Pimsleur is an all audio program for language learning. The Portuguese Conversational course has 16 lessons, each 30 minutes long, for a total of 8 hours. If you like the method you can graduate and buy the full version, which is significantly more expensive.

Fluenz Portuguese
Fluenz is a software program which has been well received by language learners. It uses a tutor system rather than pure immersion like its competitor Rosetta Stone. It may or may not be available in your country.

First Portuguese Reader
This English-Portuguese dual language reader is meant for beginners and introduces a few dozen vocabulary every lesson to prevent overload. Accompanying audio is provided online. Fair warning: This is Portuguese from Europe, not Brazil.

The Everything Learning Brazilian Portuguese Book
This workbook includes lessons, exercises, vocabulary lists, pronuncation guides, dialogues, mini-tests, and an audio CD to help listening and pronunciation skills.

Modern Brazilian Portuguese Grammar: A Practical Guide
This is for those serious about learning Brazilian Portuguese. Some learners refer to this text as 'the green Bible'.

Dirty Portuguese
The Portuguese you are not taught in school can be found in this book. Includes insults, swear words, slang, etc.

Essential Portuguese Grammar
This grammar book is brief, compact, and takes up little space. Perfect for those who know they need to study grammar but don't want to overwhelm themselves.

501 Portuguese Verbs
Includes the conjugations of 501 important Portuguese verbs with an extra 1000 verb translations at the back of the book. Each of the 501 conjugated verbs has multiple examples of the verb used in context.

Portuguese English Bilingual Visual Dictionary
Perfect dual language compact dictionary for those who are visual learners

Where Can I Study It?

Middlebury Language School offers immersion programs in Portuguese

University of New Mexico offers a BA in Portuguese

Florida International University offers a BA in Portuguese

San Diego State University offers a Minor in Portuguese

Famous Speakers

Chico Mendes
Mr. Mendes was a Brazilian environmental activist who was assassinated in 1988. His legacy still continues in Brazil.

Pedro Alvares Cabral
Portuguese explorer credited with 'discovering' Brazil

Gilberto Freyre
This Brazilian wore many hats and did many things. One of his more famous works is The Masters and the Slaves, an essential read for Brazilian studies.

Vasco da Gama
This Portuguese explorer was the first European who made the trip to India by sea. The consequences of this route would have a big affect on implementing imperialism by the European powers.

Fernando Pessoa
Famous Portuguese poet

Candido Rondon
This Brazilian military officer was responsible for exploring some of the roughest and most isolated areas of Brazil. He also led an expedition which included former US President Theodore Roosevelt.

Milton Santos
Famous Brazilian geographer

Cultural Products

O Alquimista
Paul Coelho's famous book 'The Alquimist' was originally published in Portuguese as he is Brazilian. It is one of the best selling books of all time.

Futebol Nation: The Story of Brazil through Soccer
The largest Portuguese speaking population by area and population is Brazil, and few nations have been shaped by futebol as much as Brazil. This book tells the story of the good and the bad side of soccer obsession in Brazil.

Conquerors: How Portugal Forged the First Global Empire
Acclaimed history writer Roger Crowley tells the story of the small country of Portugal and how their sea-faring skills help them establish a vast global empire. This empire was the reason that the Portuguese language was spread as widely as it is.

Authentic Portuguese Cooking
Step into the cooking of Portugal with this popular cookbook. Includes sections on meats, seafood, vegetables, breads, desserts, and soups.