It is hard to believe that a language as historically influential as Latin is no longer spoken. However, Latin can claim French, Portuguese, Romanian, Italian, and Spanish as its vulgar offspring. While learning Latin won't get you many places in conversation, it is still taught in schools as an intellectual pursuit and is often used as stepping stone for those who want to master the aforementioned Romance languages. Latin is also used in the Catholic Church (called Ecclesiastical Latin) and perhaps is most commonly recognized for being used in binomial nomenclature (the system for naming species).

Online Resources

University of Texas at Austin - Latin Lessons is a course presented by the Linguistics Research Center at UT Austin.

Latin for Mountain Men - A short course in practical Latin is a site hasn't been updated in awhile but contains over twenty sections for the learner to explore.

latintutorial is a video series

Teach and Learn Latin is a website founded by a Latin teacher and they have provided some free resources for both students and teachers.

University of Cambridge Latin Courses is a nice website offering courses in Latin

Language Products

Getting Started with Latin: Beginning Latin for Homeschoolers and Self-Taught Students of Any Age

Wheelock's Latin 7th Edition

Latin for Beginners

Essential Latin Vocabulary: The 1,425 Most Common Words Occurring in the Actual Writings of over 200 Latin Authors

A Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin

Latin Via Ovid: A First Course Second Edition

The Bantam New College Latin & English Dictionary

English Grammar for Students of Latin

A Practical Grammar of the Latin Language

Where Can I Study It?

University of Texas - Austin offers a BA in Classical Languages

University of South Carolina offers a BA in Classics

University of Michigan offers a BA in Latin

University of Pittsburgh offers a BA in Classics

Famous Speakers

Julius Caesar
Everyone has heard of Caesar! The Roman Empire took off following his assassination.

Famous Roman philosopher

Wrote some popular pieces, including the famous Aeneid.

Cultural Products

Living with a Dead Language: My Romance with Latin

SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome

Latin Alive: The Survival of Latin in English and the Romance Languages

Latin: Story of a World Language