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Citizen Linguist focuses on centralizing language learning materials for those interested in languages and things related to the peoples and countries where the languages are spoken. It was not created to teach others HOW to learn languages. However, there are some resources available which might be helpful in your language journeys and some of them are listed below.

Fluent in 3 Months

Benny, the Irish polygot, writes about his many experiences with language learning and encourages fellow learners along the way. He wrote a book about how to learn languages called Fluent in 3 Months, which is a very enjoyable and practical read. Amongst his many tips Benny believes you need to start speaking right away and overcome your fear of making mistakes. He must be on to something as he now comfortably speaks seven languages and claims the ability to communicate in many more. Hop on over to Benny's website and check it out.

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Fluent Forever

Gabriel Wyner is a multi-lingual opera singer and also a top notch author. His book, Fluent Forever, describes the methods he used to learn six different languages fluently. Gabriels book is very insightful and provides quality tips for language acquisition so that you can succeed in your mission to speak your target language. Adopt his methods and you'll be making real progress in no time. You can also find some nice free resources on his website, check it out!

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The Mezzofanti Guild

This website was founded by an applied linguist from Australia named Donvan. He has a great website full of information about his experiences and also his suggestions, opinions, and ideas about language learning. He is especially interested in Arabic but he has also tackled a number of other interesting languages as well, including Russian, Irish, and Korean.

How to Learn Any Language

Barry Farber wrote his book detaling both his own language journey and also the methods needed to learn languages well. It contains somes great stories about how Farber connected with people through language learning and is sure to provide the reader with some well needed motivation and inspiration. Even though this book was originally published many years ago it has not lost any of its charm. Pick up a copy next time you see one!

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