Greek has a long and storied history which is probably underappreciated by many people. For centuries the Greek language was at the forefront of scientific and philosophical scholarship and as a result set the intellectual foundations for the western world. Mostly concentrated in Greece, Greek still has about 13 million native speakers that can be found in various places throughout the Mediterranean region, such as Cyprus and Turkey. Greek is often taught in seminary school and often studied along with Latin in the field of Classics. Learners of Greek will get to learn a new script to go along with this beautiful sounding language.

Online Resources

FSI Greek is a course offered by the Foreign Service Institute

Duolingo is a popular language learning platform and they offer Greek. Check out the review here.

BBC Greek has some good language resources, although the Greek version is no longer updated.

e-Learning Greek is beginner to advanced and all materials are free

Filoglossia is a website with some free Greek lessons

Easy Greek is a short video series talking with everyday Greeks

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Where Can I Study It?

University of Mississippi offers a BA Classics with emphasis in Greek language

University of Oxford offers a BA in Modern Languages: Modern Greek

San Francisco State University offers a Minor in Modern Greek Studies

Brown University has course offerings in Modern Greek through Modern Greek Studies Program

The Athens Centre provides programs for learning Greek in Athens, Greece.

Famous Speakers

Alexander the Great
Considered one of the most prominent figures in world history. Military commander, king, conquerer, and student of Aristotle.

El Greco
Born in Crete, Greece but lived and worked in Italy and Spain. El Greco means 'The Greek' in Spanish. He is one of the great painters.

Very famous philosopher with a variety of interests which he wrote about extensively.

Philosopher most known for his work on ethics.

Ancient Greek philosopher. One of his famous works is Repubilc.

Author of 'Aesop's Fables'

Odysseas Elytis
Won the 1979 Nobel Prize in Literature

"The Father of History" is what he is called. Famous for writing The Histories.

Cyril and Methodius
These brothers developed the Glagolithic and Cyrillic alphabets. Cyrillic is the alphabet used in Russian and other Slavic languages.

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