Dutch is a Germanic language and is therefore related to German and English. With over 20 million native speakers Dutch is a prominent language in Europe and it can claim to be the parent of another language, Afrikaans. Most speakers are in the Netherlands and Belgium, where the speakers sometimes refer to the language as Flemish. Like German, Dutch has three grammatical genders and can sound a little harsh on the ears. Considering its linguistic proximity to English it is judged to be easier to learn than German.

Online Resources

LearnDutch.org is a comprehensive responsive website for those looking to learn Dutch.

Learning Dutch - the basics is a small video series for starting off in Dutch.

Duolingo is a popular language learning platform and they offer Dutch. Check out the review here.

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De Telegraaf

Algemeen Dagblad

Nederlands Dagblad

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Where Can I Study It?

Universiteit Leiden offers a BA in Dutch Studies

University of California - Berkeley offers a Major or Minor in Dutch Studies

Famous Speakers

He is considered one of the greatest painters of all time.

Vincent van Gogh
Extremely famous painter with a distinct style and a whirlwind life.

Guido van Rossum
He created the popular Python programming language

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