Catalan is a Romance language situated in the region of northeastern Spain. The main Catalan speaking region itself is called Catalonia and is home to the famous city of Barcelona. However, the Catalan language is present in many areas along Spain's Mediterranean coast and is very much apart of daily life. According to Intercat, over 60% of courses taught at universities in the region are in Catalan.

Online Resources

INTERCAT has a website dedicated to Catalan and has a good list of resources for learning the language.

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Where Can I Study It?

University of Massachusetts - Amhearst offers a Minor in Catalan

University of Indiana - Bloomington offers courses in Catalan

University of Missouri offers courses in Catalan

Famous Catalonians

Antoni Gaudi
Gaudi, an architect, is famous for his Barcelona cathedral La Sagrada Familia, although he has been responsible for other unique buildings as well.

Salvador Dali
Famous painter known for his surrealist style.

Joan Miro
Surrealist artist too like his compatriot Dali.

Facundo Bacardi
This man created Bacardi rum!

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