Basque, or Euskara, is a language which exists within the border regions of Spain and France on the Atlantic coast. Interestingly, it is not at all related to Spanish or French and no one really knows how the language developed. However, as is normal amongst neighboring languages, Basque naturally adopted some vocabulary from their Romance neighbors and donated some vocabulary too. A Spanish Basque native once told me that knowledge of Basque was necessary to get a job in the regional government but that learning it was much more difficult than the Romance languages because of the grammar.

Online Resources is a very comprehensive website on Basque language and culture. has a list of Basque language sources itself.

Ikasbil is a website that allows for users to search in their country for Basque clubs.

Easy Basque is a short video series teaching basic Basque.

Online News

Gara - (Basque + Spanish)

Top Products

The Basque Language: A Practical Introduction
This is one of the few go to resources for learning Basque. At almost 500 pages it includes many grammar explanations, cultural points, and pronunciation tips.

Colloquial Basque: A Complete Language Course
The Colloquial series by Routledge covers dozens of languages, including Basque. The most recent version includes many exercises, answer keys, bilingual glossary, and online audio materials.

Beginner's Basque
A book and audio program which includes 2 CDs. The course is split into 12 lessons and includes exercise key in addition to a dual language glossary.

Basque-English, English-Basque Dictionary
Ideal for those looking for a compact but thorough two way dictionary.

Where Can I Study It?

University of the Basque Country offers a BA in Basque Studies

University of Duesto offers a Bachelors in Basque Language and Culture

University of Nevada - Reno offers a Minor and Ph.D in Basque Studies

Boise State University offers a Minor in Basque Studies

University of Liverpool offers a BA in Modern European Languages with Basque

Famous Basques

Xabi Alonso
Spanish international footballer (soccer) who played for Liverpool and Real Madrid. Currently plays at Bayern Munich.

Berengaria of Navarre
Wife of Richard the Lionheart and thus a Basque Queen of England. Unfortunately mainstream literature on her is limited.

Cultural Products

The Basque History of the World: The Story of a Nation
Bestselling author Mark Kurlansky writes about the Basque people, their obscure history, and some of their major accomplishments. Incudes commentary on food, politics, literature, and more.

Pintxos: Small Plates in the Basque Tradition
Famous chef Gerald Hirirgoyen's book includes Basque inspired dishes meant for the home cook. Includes color photography and is organized by type of dish.

The Basque Book: A Love Letter in Recipes from the Kitchen of Txikito
This cookbook is written by owners of Txikito, a New York City restaurant which specializes in Basque cuisine. Includes over 100 recipes.