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The Citizen Linguist website was created to provide a centralized source of language information and materials for those who are interested in languages and the cultures associated with them. It is also meant to be an area for collaborative efforts to promote languages and language resources.

The author was born and raised in California, where growing up he rubbed shoulders with people of different ethnic and linguistic backgrounds. Like many Californians, his first foreign language experience was in high school Spanish class. Later on, during his undergraduate studies, he was able to spend one year abroad in France where he took basic French courses. Living and traveling in Europe was his first experience abroad and fundamentally changed his course in life. After graduating from college in 2012, he worked for two years before deciding to return to graduate school in Germany.

Living in Germany for a year allowed him to meet a wide array of Europeans and other international travelers, students, and professionals. It also allowed him to try and learn a little German. Recently, he returned from a semester abroad in Brazil, where he was exposed to and attempted to learn some Brazilian Portuguese.

Having now traveled to over 20 countries he can say that getting out of your comfort zone and seeing the diversity and beauty of the world is incredibly fulfilling. If you have the opportunity to connect with people through a foreign language then all the better!

Best of luck to you and your language goals!


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If you are aware of quality language learning materials or links which will enhance this project then Citizen Linguist is willing to take a look.

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Let me be clear, this website was not created to make a living and if commissions can help cover SOME of the costs of hosting the site then I would consider it a success. I will continue running the website at a loss as long as it is financially possible for me to do so.